Exploring Westleton

Landscape View of Westleton Heath

The village of Westleton is just a brief dash from Dunwich, Southwold and Aldeburgh. Like these areas, it is situated within the Suffolk Coast and Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Westleton is home to a beautiful heathland and the neighbouring RSPB Minsmere.

I’ve been to Westleton numerous times. The village is very charming and is home to two beautiful pubs, The White Horse and The Westleton Crown. The latter dates back to the 12th century. Both places serve a wide range of mouthwatering dishes and are perfect stopping points on your travels.

Compared to Dunwich Heath, just a stone’s throw away, being inland, the heathland often delivers a glorious amount of mist during sunrise. Along with the heather and the various trees, it’s a bit of a photographer’s dream. As much as I love Dunwich Heath and its tranquillity, I prefer Westleton for those early morning walks, especially with the camera. I’ve walked many paths here during the last few years, especially during Summer mornings. I often come across different compositions that I later return to once the conditions are there.

Square Crop of Mist Through Trees at Westleton

This Summer on the heath was slightly different. We have seen some record-beating temperatures this year, and come August; the heather is usually in full bloom around these areas. Whilst it’s patchy in its purple hue, most of it is somewhat burnt orange and brown. Any signs of grass are yellow instead of the familiar luscious green at this time of year. Needless to say, I headed to the heath twice with my camera during the week to see what I could capture, and yes, there was mist!

Mist Through Pathway at Westleton Heath
Sunlit Pathway at Westleton Heath
Hazy Mist at Westleton Heath
Sun Rays Through Tree at Westleton Heath

Last month, I switched from my Fujifilm X-T3 to a Nikon Z6ii. It’s felt quite a game changer for me. I’ve really enjoyed working with the Nikon RAW files again. Something about how it handles reds and greens is very pleasing. While I love the Fuji output, especially JPEG files, the Nikon feels more at home. A big part of my photography journey involved using a Nikon Df, and I was at home with that camera. Despite being widely different in terms of ergonomics, the Z feels like I’ve returned to that place, much like becoming reacquainted with an old friend. In another blog, I’ll write my full thoughts about this camera in the coming months.

Pathway Through Westleton Heath
Closeup of Tree at Westleton Heath
Lone Tree at Westleton Heath

All images shot with a Nikon Z6ii & Nikon Z 24-70mm f4 S Lens.

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